10 ways to “Send-off” in style!

Unique wedding send-offs are a trend that has become increasingly popular in the past decade. The “traditional” days of throwing bird seed are long gone – and couples are looking for ways to exit their weddings with a little more pizzaz and a chance for a great photo op, as well. Although many venues have restrictions on what can be used due to safety reasons and venue policies, there are so many creative ways to exit at the end of the evening . Scroll down for 10 send-off ideas – some that we’ve done at The Pick Inn, and some we’d love to see!

#1 – Sparklers 

The most popular wedding send-off (for the past 5 years) is sparklers. Sparklers are a controversial topic when it comes to weddings – some vendors like them, some vendors hate them, some venues allow them, and some venues ban them. They do create great photo ops and are very pretty – on the other hand, they are literal sticks of fire being handed out to (sometimes intoxicated) people. There are pros and cons, but we can all agree that they are super popular. Our venue allows them, but there are certain guidelines and rules that apply. A tip for those of you whose venues might not allow them but you still want the photo – some venues will allow for just the bride and groom to hold one to get the photos that they want!

#2 – Glow sticks/ Fiberoptic Wands
View More: http://graykammera.pass.us/kellynatemarriedglow2
Glow Sticks are a great option for send-offs – you’re still getting the look of a sparkler tunnel, without the actual fire! Make it even more fun by offering glow stick necklaces, bracelets, or sunglasses for your guests to wear. Alternatively, fiberoptic wands are also a wonderful option, and they have more than a one-time use like glow sticks, so you could sell them to another couple for their wedding, or use them for another party in the future.

#3- Pyrotechnic Display
Wow your guests and end your wedding with a bang! Fireworks are a great option to end your celebration in an unforgettable way. We work with a local company (Impact Pyro) who can choreograph a pyrotechnic show that goes along to the beat of your favorite song. (Most venues do not allow pyrotechnics without a licensed and permitted company in charge of them.) Contact The Pick Inn if you’re interested in adding these services to your package!

#4- Streamer Poppers
This option is a great alternative for venues who do not allow confetti. These metallic “streamer poppers” or “streamer cannons” are great because the streamers stay attached to the tube, which means really easy cleanup! If you are wanting the confetti look but don’t want the hassle, this is definitely the way to go. (Find them here on Amazon!)

#5 – Classic Car Cheuffer 
Wow your guests (or surprise your new spouse!) with a vintage getaway car. Matchless transportation, a Nashville based cheuffer company has so many cars to choose from – including 1960’s bentleys, rolls royce, and a Waylon Jennings Limo! They will even roll out the red carpet and have champagne waiting for you- talk about riding in style!

#6- Bubbles 
Bubbles are another classic option for a send-off, either at night or during the day! One thing that I have seen work really well is if you also buy a kid’s bubble machine for someone to hold, to ensure there are LOTS of bubbles when you exit! You can find one like this at Target!

#7 – Ribbon Wands 
Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.58.12 PM.png
Ribbon wands are a great option if your venue has restrictions on sparklers or other items. These can be purchased, or something that can be crafted for all of your DIY-loving people out there! This etsy shop sells them in lots of different colors and you can purchase them with or without bells!

#8 – Rose Petals
Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.53.07 PM
Rose petals (fresh or silk) are a wonderful option for a send-off if your reception ends before dark – where things like sparklers or glow sticks wouldn’t really be necessary. Most venues will allow rose petals over things like glitter and confetti – just be sure to check first!

#9 – LED Balloons
LED balloons
These white LED balloons (found here on Etsy) would be a great option for an outdoor reception send-off, just be sure you are outside the city and clear of any trees they might get stuck in! TIP: don’t forget about a helium tank!

#10 – One Last Dance
Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.45.35 PM
Not interested in a send-off? Want to hang around and say goodbye to all of your guests? That’s OK too! One thing we’ve done for couples who opt not to have a send off is to have a “last dance” of the evening. Either with just the bride and groom, or inviting all your guests onto the dance floor – upbeat, or a slow jam – it’s all personal preference! It’s a great way to get everyone involved before the party ends. Junebug weddings has compiled a great list of songs for this purpose – check it out here.


On the flip side:

Now, on the topic of send-offs that aren’t on our nice list… not to be a Debby downer,  but I also want to include a few send-off ideas that are not ideal – even though you might see things on pinterest, they don’t always work out in real life! For example:
– “Wish” lanterns or paper lanterns: These lanterns with flames inside are actually banned in the state of TN and several other states, unless you have a special license for them. They are a major fire hazard and could go wrong so many different ways. These are often portrayed on TV and Movies, but in real life they are banned from a lot of places! (source)
– Confetti/Glitter/Birdseed: these items, or any other item that falls under the category of “tiny pieces of debris that you would not want to pick up by hand” are typically banned from most venues. They are a mess to clean up, inside or outside, and could be harmful to wild animals if consumed.
– Smoke Bombs: colorful smoke bombs are all over pinterest. Those pictures, however, are usually of just the bride and groom, lovingly enveloped by cool colorful streams of smoke. During a wedding sendoff however, you’re surrounded by other people in a close area. Now picture all of those people, coughing and not being able to see you because of smoke in their eyes – yep, I’ve seen it happen. (let’s leave it to the pinterest styled shoots, instead of real life)


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and can find something useful from our research! Leave us a comment below or on our social media pages @thepickinn with any other ideas you’d love to see incorporated into 2019 wedding send-offs!




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