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The Pick Inn is excited to announce the launch of our very own blog page. We hope to utilize this page by sharing information that our audience will enjoy. Wether that’s planning tips, event design inspiration, vendor feature posts, and photos from events at The Pick Inn!

I’d like to start by telling our story of how we came to own The Pick Inn. It’s a pretty interesting story and definitely sets us apart in the industry – as we never planned on getting into the wedding business… but here we are. 🙂

This photo is of me (Amanda) and my Dad, Don. This photo was taken on my wedding day, at The Pick Inn!


When searching for a venue for my own wedding back in 2013, we happened upon The Pick Inn and fell in love with the property. I had always wanted to get married outside, and this location had everything I wanted, and everything my Dad wanted (a backup plan if it rained). We put a deposit down almost a year in advance to secure my wedding date, and I remember him commenting that it was a major bonus for them to have a business that could secure revenue a whole year out. I guess that’s when the wheels in his head started turning and he thought “We could do that.” But… he says that about a LOT of things. He’s a go-getter and a true entrepreneur.

Fast-forward to the wedding. It was a beautiful October day and everything was great. The location was just as beautiful as when we first saw it, and it was truly the best day of my life. IMG_8070.JPG

The morning after the wedding, my husband and I were already on our way out of the country to our honeymoon when good ole’ Dad had to go back up to the venue to take care of a few things that were left at The Pick Inn from the night before. He was speaking to the owner at the time, a lovely woman named Joy. They got to talking, and Joy mentioned that she and her husband Jesse absolutely loved owning The Pick Inn and hosting weddings… but that they were thinking of retiring and selling the property (CUE LIGHTBULB OVER DON’S HEAD).

To make a (very) long story short, our family decided to take on the adventure of owning our own business and jump into the wedding industry by buying the Pick Inn property and continuing to host weddings & events. We officially took over The Pick Inn in December of 2015 and took on the task of renovating the cabin on the property into a space for the wedding party to enjoy and relax in on the big day.

Here we are with our first full year of weddings under our belt, and we couldn’t be happier. 2016 was a great learning year for us and trust me – we learned something new with every single event that was held. We were blessed to have had 19 wonderful weddings on our books and every single one of the brides that I worked with were so sweet and kind. They helped us gain confidence in our craft, and learn exactly how to navigate a full wedding day from start to finish.

2017 is going to be a jam-packed year. With 34 weddings and counting, we are over the moon about this adventure we have embarked on and can’t wait for wedding season to start in just a few short weeks.

My hope for this blog is to create an outlet of information for brides, planners, or anyone who loves weddings to gain knowledge and inspiration. In addition to running the venue with Don, I am also the lead coordinator so I’d love to feature some of our awesome couples and their wedding days on this platform as well!

Thanks for reading!




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